Current Projects

Retrofit Kuka Controller 

This is my current project. I am building a retrofit controller for a six axis Kuka KR210.  The goal of the project is to create a low cost, modular controller that can be retrofit onto older industrial robots to give them performance close to that of a state of the art robot.

CNC Rebuild

This is a 1986 Leadwell CNC machine that I gutted and retrofit with a custom controller based on LinuxCNC. All the motor drives are a custom design, allowing me to use the original Servos.


I built this Mini-CNC to be able to manufacture parts out of wood, plastic and Aluminum. I had access to the CSU machine shop at the time, so I designed the machine from the ground up to take advantage of surplus drive components available on eBay. It runs on LinuxCNC and custom motor electronics.

College Projects

This is just a collection of different projects I worked on in College. Even though this wasn’t that long ago, modern sensor technology would make several of these projects trivial today. Advancement in MEMS devices have virtually eliminated the need for fancy algorithms to overcome their weaknesses.